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Tile Installation

Tile Installation

Timeless yet trendy, enduring yet elegant, it’s hardly a surprise that tile has remained a popular flooring option for literally hundreds of years.  Indoors and outdoors, public and private, tile is  wonderful choice for many different settings. It’s renowned for its lengthy lifespan, and available in a wide variety of mediums. Still, tile does have its challenges- with the installation process a somewhat harrowing one for the uninitiated. 

At Dick’s Carpet One Floor & Home we speak fluent tile and can help you plan your project to perfection. The truth of the matter is, tile installation can be a complex process: one that’s often best reserved for professionals. Tile installation requires careful measuring, grading, and caulking, as well as painstaking preparation.  Here are a few pointers on ensuring your upcoming tile installation is off to a promising 

Ask the Experts 

We know how excited you are about finding your perfect tile,  but now is definitely a time where it’s wise to look before you leap.  Our experts can help you design your perfect tile composition for your floors and walls, as well as the best tips on products suitable for your unique space and needs. We can also advise you on local installation contractors, as well as future upkeep tips. Of course, you’ll also want to pay close attention to your new tile’s allotted space by preparing the area carefully. 

Preparing For Tile Installation 

A perfectly-prepared foundation is a key element to a flawless tile installation. Whether your subfloors are concrete or wood, the same rules apply: you will want to carefully clean the area, removing absolutely all traces of old flooring, debris, staples, and other refuse. Your subfloor will need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly, with any holes or imperfections sealed with caulking long before the tile can be installed. A primer or sealer will then be applied, which must also be dried before you or your contractor can begin laying the tiles. 

To learn more about our tile products or about the overall tile installation process, check out this helpful Installation Guide or stop by our showroom, which is located at 6516 Commerce Way in Diamond Springs, CA. We are your local tile flooring store for Placer County.

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