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Luxury Vinyl For Kitchens And Bathrooms

Luxury Vinyl for the Kitchen & Bath 

Finding kitchen and bathroom flooring has traditionally been a frustrating experience: one where all too often, a homeowner felt forced to go with the most practical option. Today, however, it’s not necessary to choose between style and function, thanks to the advent of luxury vinyl flooring.  Enduring, elegant, and affordable, luxury vinyl flooring is just the thing to boost your bath, or get colorful in the kitchen. 

At Dick’s Carpet One Floor & Home we offer one of the area’s finest collections of luxury vinyl flooring products, including many that are 100% waterproof, making them a smart choice for your residential “splash” zones. Let’s learn a little more about finding luxury vinyl flooring for the hubs of your home. 

Kitchen & Bath Vinyl Options

Luxury Vinyl Plank 

Do you have hardwood in your hallway and living room – and want to stay consistent in your kitchen or bathroom? While glossy, hardwood planks aren’t necessarily the wisest option for these water-prone spaces we have a wonderful alternative in luxury vinyl plank flooring. Made to capture all the intricate grain patterns of your favorite hardwood species, luxury vinyl plank resists moisture, is highly affordable, and can handle hard usage. Luxury vinyl plank works equally well on walls, and can be incorporated into a creative and resilient backsplash. Let's learn more about luxury vinyl plank.  

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl 

While all luxury vinyl is made to resist moisture, there are a select family of products that resist water entirely, making for some optimal possibilities for the kitchen and bath. Both traditional luxury vinyl flooring products and wood polymer composite flooring, or WPC, are among the waterproof options for your consideration. Waterproof luxury vinyl is made to resist moisture and prevent it from absorbing into your new flooring. As the result, moisture stays on the surface, allowing you to wipe away any accidents and get on with your busy day. Let’s learn more about the impressive capabilities of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring.

Why Luxury Vinyl? 

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the industry’s most rapidly emerging sectors, and for many good reasons.  Budget-friendly, bold, and beautiful, luxury vinyl is also a wonderful way to keep your home’s occupants safe from allergens, since its made to resist dust, mold, and mildew. For these and many other reasons, luxury vinyl flooring works very well in your kitchen or bathroom, where splashes and spills are inevitable. 

Want to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring foe your kitchen and bathroom? Visit our showroom, located at 6516 Commerce Way in Diamond Springs, CA.  We are your local luxury vinyl flooring store for Placer County.

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