LVT Flooring

A durable and stylish flooring option that is built to last.

LVT Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile, or lvt, is a relatively new vinyl product that does a much better job at copying the features and characteristics of other flooring options, when compared to regular vinyl. Luxury vinyl refers to the higher priced vinyl planks; however, the product does a significantly better job with its visuals, textures, and durability. This is mainly because there is a higher concentration of polyvinyl chloride concentration.

Luxury vinyl tile’s ability to replicate the look and feel of other flooring options is unlike any other. The product is made up of several different layers and the photographic image layer provides state of the art high-definition photos that will fool most guests. In order to have that texture feeling of, for example hardwood, your floor can be made with an embossing layer.

There are often two methods done during manufacturing that can assist with the texture. The first way, is a metal stamp can be used to create indents on the lvt planks. The other way, uses computer based precision technology that can have your floor have the exact pattern or texture that is presented in the image. The photographic image is protected by the wear layer from dents, stains, and scratches that can occur from foot traffic.

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