Laminate Floor Maintenance

Information on how to properly care for your laminate floors.

Laminate Floor Maintenance 

Laminate is a very durable and stain-resistant flooring substance, but only if you know the proper way to clean laminate floors. Traditional tools like brooms and wet mops should be avoided, since they can cause scratching and streaking. Vacuums and dry microfiber mops (like Swiffer) are better fitted for the job. Avoid exposing laminate to liquid unless it is specifically formulated laminate cleaning fluid.  Even basic soap and water can be harmful if it seeps into the core, causing the laminate to warp over time.

For stubborn stains, acetone (nail polish remover) can be applied to a wash cloth and rubbed into the blemished area. Be sure not to apply the acetone directly to the laminate. Dampen a second cloth and wipe the surface of the floor to remove the stain. This method is most effective immediately after the stain occurs. If the laminate flooring is near an outside door, it may be beneficial to use a small rug or mat to catch dirt from shoes before guests step inside. Encouraging shoes to be removed before guests enter the home is another great way to cut down on dirt.  

Most homeowners want their laminate floors to have the polished look of hardwood flooring, but wax and polish can diminish the quality of the laminate. Instead, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to gently buff the floor. A buffing machine is not a good substitute and will likely cause damage to the laminate. Once you know how to clean a laminate floor, you’ll find that upkeep is not difficult and well worth the durability and aesthetic appeal that it provides.

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