Hardwood Maintenance

Information on the importance of proper hardwood maintenance!

Hardwood Maintenance

A sound cleaning routine can help keep your hardwood floors looking brand new for years to come. For starters, frequent sweeping and vacuuming can increase the life of any flooring option, while also improving the quality of air in your home. Without proper care and maintenance, you could be shortening the life of your floor.

Proper Maintenance & Care

  • Sweep floors daily to remove dirt and dust
  • If using a vacuum, make sure it is on a bare floor setting to prevent scratching
  • To collect debris, place area rugs and mats at all major entry ways for to your home
  • Place a mat under sinks to avoid moisture damage to your floor
  • Have furniture protectors on the bases of all furniture to avoid scratching and denting
  • Immediately clean up any spills

Things to AVOID doing to your Hardwood Floors

  • Do not use cleaning solutions meant for other hard surface options on your hardwood floors
  • Avoid utilizing steam mops or traditional wet mops on your hardwood floors. The moisture can  harm the finish on your floor
  • Never slide furniture when one spot to another. Lifting the furniture will prevent any scratching that would otherwise occur
  • Prevent wearing high heels, or sports cleats. The pressure from wearing them has a great chance of harming your floors.

Hardwood flooring has the unique ability to always stay current. The classic qualities are timeless, and will look great forever. Proper care and maintenance for your hardwood floors will keep these claims true. If you do decide to use any professional cleaning services, or cleaning products, always remember to abide by your floors warranty as well as the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

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