Information on one of the more environmentally friendly flooring options.

Advantages of Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a renewable and natural product that is harvested from the bark of cork trees. These types of trees are native to Portugal, Tunisia and Spain and have been in the construction world for centuries. This flooring has gained popularity in the United States due to the beauty, resilience and its unique qualities. 

It resists cracks and does not absorb gas or liquids to change the finish. The natural properties of the material allow it to bounce back so that you can place heavy furniture on it and the indentations are not permanent as they are in other types of flooring. Shoes with heals do not cause denting in this flooring. This flooring can last years with proper maintenance.

This flooring is naturally resistant to termites, mold and mildew and it’s anti-microbial. It won’t harbor germs or allergens and it does not release gas or micro fibers to affect your indoor air quality negatively.

The natural properties of this flooring allow it to cushion your feet as you walk on it. It is often used in home theaters, as it absorbs loud sound vibrations while it retains heat to lower your winter electric bill and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Aesthetically Pleasing
This material is available in long planks and also in square tiles. The planks create a seamless looking floor, while the tiles can be placed with alternating colors for an exciting checkerboard look.

As this flooring wears from many years of use it retains the same color and pattern as when it was installed. The pattern and colors remain the same as they are penetrated through the entire thickness of the material.

Sustainable Product
These floors are a byproduct of the manufacturing process for making wine bottle corks. The residual materials are ground up very fine and binders are added to make tiles or planks for floors.

Cork trees must be 25 years old to have the bark harvested and can be harvested every eight to 14 years afterwards without causing harm to or killing the tree. The trees typically live from 150 to 200 years. For more information on cork flooring for your lifestyle, visit us in Diamond Springs, CA. We are looking forward to working with you and helping you find the perfect product for your lifestyle. 

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