Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

Information on an incredibly durable carpet option for your home.

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

Looking for a carpet that will hold up in a busy household?

If you are looking for the perfect flooring option for a busy home, look no further than the Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet. This carpet was designed to battle the toughest opponents of carpet flooring.

Battles the Toughest of Enemies

UV-Rays, stains, and strong cleaning agents are known to weaken carpets and shorten their lifespan.  The Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet is designed with nylon fibers that are built to battle these tough enemies. The nylon fiber also allows your Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet to be more resistant to matting and crushing.

Soil & Dirt Prevention 

The amount of dirt and soil that can enter a carpet can cause damage to your carpet, and create unhealthy air quality for your home. Bigelow Stainmaster Carpets are designed with soil resistant technology that fights back against these pests. This technology prevents soil and dirt from reaching the bottom of your carpet. As a result, cleaning and maintenance are that much easier.

How well does the carpet prevent staining?

It is no secret how troublesome stains can be.  Fading or discoloration, whether it be from the sun or forceful cleaning agents, are going to face their toughest competitor yet, because the 6.6 Nylon fibers that make up the durable flooring option are designed to combat tough enemies.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to having cleaner air, your flooring purchase is also environmentally friendly. The fibers that make up this durable flooring option are a recyclable material!

I would love to learn more information, where can I do that?

Give us a call, or visit us today in Diamond Springs, CA. Our dedicated and professional team would be more than happy to work with you!

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