Area Rugs

A flooring option that is incredibly stylish and functional.

Advantages of Area Rugs

Using an area rug in an otherwise barren room can be functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing. These advantages can be realized from rugs both big and small, giving you plenty of options when it comes to putting down the area rug of your choice.

Noise Reduction
Compared to hardwood floors which are hard and are prone to acoustic echoes, area rugs absorb noise in its fibers, causing noise to be better contained within the room. The extra layer of flooring will also help prevent the transfer of noise between upper and lower floors, making it harder to hear someone stomping around upstairs.

Enhance the Look of a Room
Depending on your personal style, you can use an area rug to customize the look of a room the way you want it. While most people might think of rugs serving a purely functional purpose, there are a variety of different looks from which to choose. You can find everything from a simple solid color to elaborate patterns on rugs that span entire rooms.

Whether or not you have hardwood, tile or carpet as your installed flooring, adding area rugs can help cushion any fall that might occur by anyone from toddlers to the elderly. This extra protection can help prevent broken bones or bruises, especially in high-traffic areas. On non-carpeted floors, an area rug can prevent people from slipping either on a dusty floor, or if liquid is spilled causing the floor to be very slick.

Keeping Areas Warm
The added insulation an area rug gives a room can help keep heat contained within the room, keeping it toasty during the winter. Unlike a hardwood or tile floor, heat is absorbed into a rug at a much slower rate, lowering your energy bills while keeping you from having to walk on a cold surface when the temperature drops.

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